Breaking Down Business Requirements with Design Methods - Product Camp 2020
Andy Woynarowski

Day 2: Workshop

– 8:30AM – 12:00PM
– Delicious lunch included

About Speaker

Andy Woynarowski

Chief Rebel of Grit
Chief Rebel of Grit

Creative director, determinist, leader and an artist. Fascinated with Design Thinking, User Experience Design, Visual Design as well as Concept Art. Worked as Head of Service Design capability of Deloitte Digital Central Europe. Delivered one of the biggest digital transformation projects in Europe – worth approx. 25 million EUR – comprising User Experience Design, Visual Design and Creative Direction – over 1600 UX/UI interface designs, 1,200,000 lines of source-code and 750 people involved in the project. A great follower of simplifying the approach which in effect delivers simpler products. CEO of 99grit – the creative agency changing the landscape of digital innovation in Europe.

Spent a year on a motorcycle journey through South America and the US. Covered half of the planet with 40 thousand kilometres under the belt.

A keen concept artist, musician, motion designer, photographer, filmmaker and traveller.


Breaking Down Business Requirements with Design Methods

Andy Woynarowski

Chief Rebel of Grit
Chief Rebel of Grit
Language: English


Have you ever tried to build something within your company or your own startup? What was the process of putting together a list of requirements for that specific product or service? How precise were your thoughts about what needs to happen to make it a reality and when built, how far away from your desires did you end up?

If any of the above questions sound interesting to you I’d like to show you a few ways to make sure that whatever it is that you’re building or wish to build focuses on the outcome and not the output. I’d like to share a few impactful design methods to put together a deterministic and validated set of requirements that have a great potential to create a product that matters! 


This course is focused to support the requirements gathering process for:

  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Service Designers
  • UX Designers. 


There are 4 main things you’ll learn to make it happen.

  1. You’ll learn how to define the outcome – not the output
  2. You’ll learn how to focus on the people in the middle of the process
  3. You’ll learn how to define the scope of work
  4. You’ll learn how to pitch your ideas to decision makers

From that point on you’ll know what needs to happen and you’ll be able to manage your project in any given methodology – agile or waterfall.


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