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Gdynia is a port city located on the south coast of the Baltic Sea in Poland. Inhabited by almost a quarter of a million people Gdynia is a vibrant and hip seaside resort infused with 30s modernist architecture and boasting the highest annual number of sunny days in Poland. Go to Gdynia and meet the most satisfied Polish citizens.

Young & dynamic Young & dynamic Young & dynamic

The sunniest & the happiest

The city won numerous awards in relation to safety, infrastructure, quality of life and a rich variety of tourist attractions. Gdynia was ranked as Poland's best city to live in and topped the rankings in the overarching category of general quality of life.



Kosciuszko Square

Kosciuszko Square is Gdynia’s representative place at the crossroads of Świętojańska Street and 10 Lutego Street.


Dar Pomorza

This white frigate built in 1909, is commonly considered to be one of the most beautiful tall ships in the world.


City Beach

The city centre beach is found right by EU Square, and its 200 metre length is often packed to bursting point.


Orlowo Pier

Orłowo is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Gdynia and the local pier one of its main attractions.


Kepa Redlowska Reserve

Kępa Redłowska Reserve was set up in 1938, being one of the first reserves in Poland.


Modernistic Downtown

Gdynia is an exceptional urban complex
of modernist buildings its Downtown was entered to the register of monuments.


Museum of the City of Gdynia

At the point where the sea and land meet, stands a modern building of light sandstone, esembling a ship.


Experyment Science Center

Experyment is an unusual experimental laboratory for small and large explorers.


Wheel of Vision

Wheel of Vision is Oscar Bruch's most modern wheel. It is a mobile tourist attraction with a height of 55 meters.

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