How to Become a Speaker? - Product Camp 2020

How to Become a Speaker?

1. Get a ticket!

There is no difference in price – it stays the same whether you are an attendee or a speaker.

2. Prepare your talk / presentation

It should last a maximum of 30 mins, but it’s good to leave 5 minutes for questions from the audience. It can be a talk, a discussion, a panel presentation, a case-study or a short workshop. We provide all equipment – HDMI projectors and microphones (for bigger rooms), but do remember to bring any adapters or HDMI dongles you might need for your computer.

3. Register at the venue

The Barcamp day starts with the registration of all attendees and speakers. After that, go upstairs & find our Barcamp Board – everything starts there!

4. The Barcamp Board

It’s the center of everything that happens on this day. There are 50 speaker sessions, 30 minutes each. Write the title of your presentation on the index card provided. Make your title catchy, but informative. The time to put it on the Barcamp Board will arrive soon!

5. Barcamp Grand Opening

It takes 5 minutes and briefly explains the dynamics of the day.

6. Session Planning. Put your card on the Barcamp Board!

All speakers put their session cards on the board at the same time. The process is a bit chaotic, but controlled. Put your session in one of 49 time slots running concurrently in 7 rooms from the morning until the end of the day. There are 9 rounds of sessions in total.



7. Pitches

Before each round of talks, the upcoming presenters gather in the hall and quickly introduce their upcoming session to other participants to help them make a better decision as to what to attend.

8. Barcamp Sessions

Right after the pitches, attendees “vote with their feet” by walking to the session they want to attend. Each session lasts 30 mins, together with questions.

9. All attendees return for another round of pitches

After exactly 30 mins all attendees leave the rooms and gather again at the Barcamp board to listen to the next 7 pitches.

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