Agata Orłowska

Agata Orłowska
Senior UX Designer/Researcher

Agata Orłowska

Unexpected experience where a UX Designer and a Product Owner met in the same person in one Project.
What is it like to destroy your own design and to smash your own assumptions? 🙈
I’ve learned a lot and I’ll try to teach you the same 😁

A Senior UX Designer / UX Researcher by profession. A graduate of Design Psychology and Clinical Psychology (seriously, seriously), excited about how people work. Has had her place in the UX world for almost 6 years. Currently, she looks at the world through the eyes of users at ClickMeeting and educates young UXs at Infoshare Academy and the College of Banking.
She has worked for, among others, Gratka, Telemagazine, Polish Times, Ekstraklasa, and regional portals with a range of several million users.

You will find her here:


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