Gerry Scullion

Gerry Scullion
This is Doing

Gerry Scullion

Gerry Scullion is CEO of This is Doing, a live design & innovation school online and Founder of This is HCD, the human-centered design network, a global podcast and design community. He’s the host of the popular design podcasts, Bringing Design Closer and Getting Started in Design.

He has over 18-years professional design experience across a range of industries such as finance, healthcare, media, public services, social media and various startups.

He contributed to the book ‘This is Service Design Doing’ (O’Reilly 2018) focusing on chapters about effective prototyping, and embedding Service Design teams within organisations alongside 200 service designers from around the globe.

Many organisations have Design teams. Many organisations conduct regular research. Why then are so many products and services so poorly designed and many fail to meet the needs to the people?

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