Krzysiek Miernik & Paweł Dolega

Krzysiek Miernik & Paweł Dolega

Senior Engineering Manager & CTO @ VirtusLab

Krzysiek Miernik & Paweł Dolega

„Reactive leadership – common hot spots and how to react”

A transition from an engineer (but generally from any so-called “Individual Contributor” roles) to leadership is hard. It is not a direct, next step in your career – e.g. from senior engineer to team leader. Your work changes significantly, the outcome of your work is measured differently and the emotional toll is much higher. Alas, not many organizations do a great job in preparing you for this transformational change. Among these organizations, was ours. We did a lot of unstructured coaching and guidance but we decided that it is time to up the game and build a body of practical knowledge that is to help fresh leaders be successful. 

This presentation is a distillation of our thoughts about key areas that will help you not only survive your first months as a leader (team lead, manager) but even thrive and build a successful and satisfied team.

Krzysiek Miernik – Senior Engineering Manager, VirtusLab
Skilled Engineering Manager with experience in building high-performance teams. 10+ of experience in a wide area of engineering (from software development to management of engineering organizations). Always open to facing new challenges!

Paweł Dolega – CTO, VirtusLab
Seasoned executive/engineering manager with a solid technical background in distributed systems. I worked in international corporations, small local software shops (some of which I founded), software houses, and product organizations.

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