Mateusz Ojdowski

Mateusz Ojdowski

Mateusz Ojdowski

There are plenty of misconceptions around Remote Design Sprints. Remember: it’s not a regular Design Sprint but done remotely. Similar – but sooo different. If you want to know a proven do’s and don’ts from an experienced facilitator (+5 years of doing Sprints) then feel welcome to this speech.

Co-owner, Design Sprint moderator at Movade

Managing the Movade design studio, specializing in Design Sprints. The purpose of his work is to meet the client’s business requirements by understanding the users’ needs and transforming them into successful products. He ensures that the clients’ products and services have solid business foundations based on the real needs of people.

Co-author of the UX Skills academy, guest lecturer at universities (University of Gdansk, SWPS).

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