Barcamp is a day full of presentations, demos, workshops, panels and Q&A sessions touching on all facets of digital product management and design. A transformative learning and networking experience for all Digital Product, UX & Research professionals.

2 September 2020

9am - 4pm CEST Time Zone

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Take part in a Barcamp, the first truly online product unconference. A gathering of like-minded professionals born from the desire to share knowledge and learn in an open environment.

Choose between 50+ sessions happening simultaneously across 6 virtual rooms. Switch between the rooms at any time and select the one that suits you the best.

Would you like to become a Speaker?
Please fill in this form >> Barcamp Speaker Registration Form.
  • Interact live with the speaker, ask questions and take part in discussions after the session.
  • No need to download any software. Launch barcamp in your browser.
  • All presentations in English.

Presentation Announcements

Paweł Wodkowski

Paweł Wodkowski

Doing the right thing - on the adventure to make Jira more accessible
Zuzanna Cwiakala

Zuzanna Ćwiąkała

How to become a UX designer?
Helena Levison

Helena Levison

The 4 mindsets of UX Design

Adam Rotmil

Adam Rotmil

Helping Designers Grow: How You Can Coach, Mentor, and Lead Others to Do Their Best Work
Akhil Dhingra

Akhil Dhingra

Product Adoption in Vendor Managed Space
Mateusz Ojdowski

Mateusz Ojdowski

Remote Design Sprint - organize the chaos and make it work (even better than regular one)!
Mariusz Muraszko

Mariusz Muraszko

Improving Design Sprints for corporate realities
Agata Orłowska

Agata Orłowska

When UX Designer and a Product Owner met in the same person in one Project

Patryk Pawłowski

Patryk Pawłowski

Hacking UI: Code as a Part of Designer’s Toolkit
Florian van Schreven

Florian van Schreven

Reinventing Product Design with AI
Clement Kao

Clement Kao

The Nuances of B2B Analytics
Bruno Silva

Bruno Silva

Rethinking your Mobile Design Strategy
Wojtek Kutyla

Wojtek Kutyla

Life after UX — pushing boundaries
Krzysztof Sowa

Krzysztof Sowa

How to master your portfolio presentation


Discover new projects & job opportunities. Find out what new tools and tricks your peers use and what they’re up to. Ask for recommendations, advice and feedback. Access the job offers and project opportunities via a dedicated slack channel. Take part in World Cafe discussion groups.

Our Story

At ProductCamp we have organized and run barcamps for over 7 years already and experimented with the format a lot. We’re now taking these learnings and introducing them to the digital space in hope to reach an even broader audience of digital product and design professionals.

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450 PLN (~99 EUR) + VAT

What do you get?

  • Access to the Barcamp Day on the 2nd of Sept 2020 (50+ talks, Q&As, panels & case-studies)
  • Access to both days of the Conference (3 & 4th of Sept 2020)
  • All Conference & Barcamp recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Barcamp work?

The Barcamp differs slightly from a typical conference. At Barcamp we keep building the agenda while new speakers are signing up. You can find first speaker announcements above. A detailed Barcamp agenda will be published and emailed to all attendees at ~1 week before the event. On the day of Barcamp you’ll be able to choose between 50+ sessions happening simultaneously across 6 virtual rooms. You will be able to switch between the barcamp sessions at any time and select the one that suits you the best.

When will the Barcamp agenda be published?

Currently we’re gathering Barcamp speaker registrations and collecting their promo videos. We’ll announce a detailed agenda ~1 week before the Barcamp.

Will Barcamp talk recordings be available after the event?

All Barcamp session recordings are available only to participants who purchased the Barcamp and Conference Bundle Ticket.

I want to do a talk at Barcamp. How do I go about it?

1. Here's the Barcamp Speaker Registration Form. You’ll be asked to provide:
a) Name & surname
b) E-mail + LinkedIn profile
c) Title of your talk/session + short summary

Due to a high volume of speaker applications, we won’t be able to confirm all speakers. The most important factor for approving your Barcamp presentation is choosing a topic matching one from our 'List of preferred themes and topics'.

2. After you fill in your application, we'll look through it and see if the subject you've decided to cover relates to our preferred themes and topics.

3. If it does, you'll get the speaker slot e-mail confirmation from our crew with all details on how to record video invitation for your presentation.

4. We'll let you know when your video invitation is published on all our social media channels.

5. You have time until the 1st of September to work on your presentation. It should last maximum 25mins to leave 5minutes for questions from the audience.

6. 1 week before Barcamp, we will send you another e-mail with more details:
- the exact time of your Barcamp session,
- some technical instructions on how to present your talk during the Barcamp.

Please remember - as a presenter, you decide on the subject you want to talk about, but bear in mind that your audience is smart and expects to receive knowledge, insights, stories and lessons not a sales spiel. Nothing overly promotional towards your company will make a good impression. Inspire and share but don’t sell.

Is there a qualification process for Barcamp speakers? Do you curate Barcamp sessions?

Due to a high volume of Barcamp speaker applications and a limited number of speaker slots (about 60) we will not be able to confirm all applications.

Please make sure:
- Your topic matches a topic from our 'List of preferred themes and topics'.
- Your presentation is in English,
- It’s a case-study or is strongly based on a project you’re working on (pls explain in description of your talk)
- It is not a sales pitch towards your company / software,
- It is original and has educational value for other Barcamp attendees.

What if I want to do a presentation in Spanish (or any other language for that matter)?

At this moment we only welcome presentations / sessions run in English.

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts for 30min. We’re recommending max 25min for a presentation + 5min for questions/discussion.

Is it only presentations and talks? What other types of sessions can I run?

We’re open to all types of session formats. You can run a regular presentation, host a quick workshop, chair a panel or initiate a Q&A session. As long as you don’t diverge too far from the broad arena of product / design / research / UX you will likely gather a highly motivated pack of followers eager to hear what you have to say or show.

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