Matt Wallaert - Product Camp 2020
Matt Wallaert

Day 1: Conference

Talk: Behavioral Science in Product Design

Day 2: Workshop

– 8:30AM – 12:00PM
– Delicious lunch included

About Speaker

Matt Wallaert

Chief Behavioral Officer
Chief Behavioral Officer

For over fifteen years, Matt Wallaert has been applying behavioral science to practical problems, from startup exits to the Fortune 500 to an array of pro-social side projects.  As one of the first behavioral scientists to leave academia and work in industry, he’s given hundreds of talks on the science of behavior change at the UN, SXSW, and beyond.  He is currently the healthcare industry’s first Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health, a Medicare Advantage plan changing the model of insurance by changing behavior, where he directs one of the world’s largest behavioral science teams, combining qualitative researchers, quantitative researchers, and project managers.   His side projects consistently focus on the unrepresented, like, which has helped underpaid women ask for and earn over $3.1B in salary increases.

In his new book, Start at the End: How to Build Products that Create Change, Wallaert details a science-based process to create behavior change that can be implemented in organizations of any size and industry.  Filled with colorful examples from his own work and plenty of cursing, the book is an approachable guide to putting behavior back at the center of everything we build.


Designing for Behavior Change: The Practical Edition

Matt Wallaert

Chief Behavioral Officer
Chief Behavioral Officer
Language: English


You probably went to the mainstage talk on behavior change on the Conference Day but now you want more…much more. Join this workshop to work through a behavior change challenge in your own product by writing a behavioral statement, building a pressure map, and designing interventions.

You’ll get live feedback from each other and from Matt Wallaert, compete in mini-challenges, and play ridiculous games (because fun is a very good promoting pressure).  


This workshop is designed to be accessible to all, but product managers of all levels will have the most to learn!


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