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Megan Murphy

Head Of Product Management
Head Of Product Management

I am a Product leader who has led product teams in San Francisco, Brazil, China, and Spain. I’ve managed portfolios of products with millions of monthly active users, as well as shipped MVPs from concept to launch for young startups in pursuit of product-market fit on their first funding round. Alongside founders and executive teams, I build a vision and narrative, and then break it down into meaningful work for the product, tech, data science, design, and research teams I manage. I’ve run A/B and multi-variate experiments at scale (80million MAU products) as well as conducted various forms of qualitative research studies from end-to-end.

My product ethos: Great products are born at the intersection of (1) data that exposes a problem or opportunity, (2) qualitative insights that explain the “why” behind the data, and (3) either an appetite or white space in the market.

My product management ethos: Great product managers are relentlessly curious about the needs and problems of their customers, can articulate the ones worth solving based on business objectives, and trust and equip their teammates to build game-changing solutions.

I’m an American expat currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

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