Sabrina Rzepka - Product Camp 2020
Sabrina Rzepka

Day 2: Workshop

– 13:00AM – 16:30PM
– Delicious lunch included

About Speaker

Sabrina Rzepka

Lead Product Owner
Lead Product Owner

“I love building digital products and creating great customer experiences that improve user’s everyday life. With strategic thinking and a creative mind focusing on business goals and customer needs. I am passionate about digitalization and leveraging smart technologies and artificial intelligence to deliver delightful products.”


Inception: How To Kick-start Right With Your Team!

Sabrina Rzepka

Lead Product Owner
Lead Product Owner
Language: English


Successful teams are built upon three pillars: communication, direction and purpose.

Forming new teams therefore is a long process and requires patience. But also established teams struggle sometimes as they fall into habits and patterns that influence their performance over time. It´s time to clear the air and make a fresh start.

Get your developers, designers and researchers together to reflect, refresh and reset. In this workshop we lead you through an “Inception”, providing methodologies and hands-on exercises that create high performing teams in a very short time.

You will be able to conduct and lead an “Inception” with your team including possible agendas according to your needs, as well as tools and methods to run a successful “Inception” on your own.


The expected level of professional experience of attendees would be Mid or Senior:

  • Product Owner/ Manager, 
  • Product Leads/ Group Product Owner, 
  • UX/UI Designer, 
  • Researcher, 
  • Engineers, 
  • Engineering Leads, 
  • Scrum Master, 
  • Agile Coaches.


We start as individuals that haven´t met each other before and finish as a team, ready to work on the first story of the backlog tomorrow with shared values and clear responsibilities. At the end of the workshop you´ll be packed with a toolbox of communication, planning and working model methodologies to hit the ground running.


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