Tickets - Product Camp 2020

Day 1: Conference

September 2nd, Wed

Net prices.

Early Bird: 999 PLN
Regular: 1299 PLN
Last Call: 1499 PLN*

Day 2: Morning & Afternoon Workshops

September 3rd, Thu

Net prices per one workshop.

Early Bird: 599 PLN
Regular: 699 PLN
Last Call: 899 PLN*
Conference + Workshop Combo: Save 100 PLN!

Day 3: Barcamp

September 4th, Fri

Net prices.

Regular: 239 PLN

Prices don’t include VAT which will be added at the checkout

Please note that tickets for Day 1 and Day 2 do not include entry for the Barcamp day.
Euro prices are indicative only.
* Until tickets last. Last call tickets – from August 26th.

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