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2-3 June 2022.

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ProductCamp is an immersive 2-day event for Product Managers, Designers, Researchers, Growth Hackers and all professionals who discover, design, manage and grow digital products.

Each day opens and ends with the keynote. Everything in between is a barcamp = 50+ presentations run simultaneously across 6 rooms. A transformative peer-to-peer learning and networking experience where participants share their own stories, lessons and project insights.

Check previous editions

  • 2 days
  • New format: 4 keynotes & 50+ Barcamp Talks
  • Tickets available in Feb’22

Thu, June 2th

8:30 AM


9:30 AM

Keynote: TBA

10:30 AM

Barcamp Sessions

6 rooms, 25+ talks

12:00 PM

Lunch break

15:30 PM

Keynote: TBA

8:00 PM


Fri, June 3rd

8:30 AM


9:30 AM

Keynote: TBA

10:30 AM

Barcamp Sessions

6 rooms, 25+ talks

12:00 PM

Lunch break


Keynote: TBA

No spectators. Only participants.

New skills. New friends.

Conference. Long weekend.

Meet them at the Barcamp

Click below to announce your presentation before the Barcamp, or just
buy a ticket and decide on your presentaton on the day. All talks in English!

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Frequently asked questions

When will the detailed agenda be published?

We’ll be releasing info about 4 keynotes over the next couple of months. The detailed Barcamp agenda will only be created on the day of the event.

What the hell is Barcamp?

Barcamp is a type of unconference where the agenda is created dynamically at the start of the event. Not counting the first and last keynotes each day, all sessions of ProductCamp are run in a barcamp format.

Some (but not all) participants coming to barcamp are ready to present, share their experiences and are otherwise willing to contribute to the agenda.

The barcamp will start with the session hosts (speakers) putting topics of their sessions inside empty slots on the barcamp board.

Sessions will run simultaneously and will be spread across 6 rooms. Before each round of sessions, the speakers will ‘pitch’ their topics, so that other participants can make a decision which session to attend.

Pls check the next FAQ for how to become a barcamp speaker.

I want to become Speaker. What should I do?

If you want to become a speaker you need to:

Get a ProductCamp ticket (participation in ProductCamp is not free for the speakers) - Tickets go on sale in February’22.

You can (optionally) announce your talk to the ProductCamp community with the quick welcome video. We would publish it on our social media. Please fill in this form - Become a Speaker.

We’re open to all types of session formats. You can run a regular presentation, host a quick workshop, moderate a fish-boal discussion or a Q&A session. As long as you don’t diverge too far from the broad arena of product / design / research / growth you will likely gather a handsome pack of followers eager to hear what you have to say or show.

You can run your session in English or Polish, but English is definitely preferable.

Each session lasts for 30 min (we’re recommending max 25min for a presentation + 5min for questions/discussion).

Will the talk recordings be available after the event?

No. We’re coming back to the real-life event format, hence no recordings. Only live participation :)

Is lunch going to be provided?

YES + coffee + tea + water (Bring your own bottle).

Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny

Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny
(Pomeranian Science and Technology Park)

Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98
81-451 Gdynia, Poland

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